DJ Crash & Burn Mash-ups:
A Dangerous Murder
file size = 3864.4 KB

Acid Flash
file size = 5589.4 KB

Can I Get Greedy Witcha
file size = 7178.7 KB

Crazy for your Milkshake
file size = 2326.5 KB

Do that thing when the shit goes down
file size = 2343.1 KB

Hotsteppers of Brixton
file size = 9414.4 KB

Hypnotize that Shit
file size = 2709.6 KB

I Believe in the Jump Off
file size = 3687.3 KB

I Dubbed it all Before
file size = 3438.7 KB

file size = 6141.7 KB

Oops With Me
file size = 2177.9 KB

When the Last Time You Went to Church
file size = 3329.9 KB

These tunes are live remixes of other artists' material. As such they remain the property of the respective artists.

These tunes are not for redistribution via peer to peer networks or other means. if you wish to let other people have copies of them, then please direct them back to this website.