www.gogotohell.comGo-Go Dancing chaos with a Go-Go dancing competition at each event to crown London's Gyrating Rhythmic dynamite go-go dancing queen. (Djing as my alter ego Cardinal Sin). of the best and most popular bars in the East End. This is a particular favourite of mine - both to drink and also to DJ. The bar has an outside courtyard with loads of seating for a little basking in the sun. Inside, the venue is down and dirty in an East End style. Weekend music policy varies from House & Disco on Fridays Hip Hop & Booty music on Saturdays and My Sunday Funk rinse out every Sunday with Live music every Sunday night. During the week the venue is popular for its free live bands and surprise DJ sets from both established & up and coming DJ's. Five Stars! DJ regularly with the Stamford Hill Gun Club around London. Residencies include Lost Vagueness in Glastonbury, Le Pigalle Club , Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Favela Chic, Notting Hill Arts, The Vibe Bar and Café de Paris. The sound is early Black Rock & Roll, Calypso, Tropicalia, and New Orleans.

www.theflashmonkey.bizResident DJ at this Brilliantly innovative Burlesque and Cabaret night. Think Victorian Circus of Horrors mixed with Tittilating Comic turns. Unmissable!!!!

www.funk45.comIf you are into funk music or rare groove you must check out this site which is probably the most informative and indepth archive of funk music clips & information on the web. I have found out about countless unknown funky gems from this site.

www.beatinrhythm.comBased in sunny Madchester this is one of the UK's leading outlets for funk music. It has been visited by the likes of DJ Shadow, Kenny Dope and my good self many times. You will find around 500,000 top quality rare funk, northern and soul 45's under one roof. fabulous record shop just outside of London specialising in music of black origin. They stock an unsurpassed collection of Disco, Hip Hop, Ragga, Funk, Reggae, Northern Soul and House music. Relax with a cuppa while you dig through the crates!

www.recordsbymail.comOne of the best US dealers in rare music on vinyl. Craig and his staff are very friendly and will often come up with the goods for you on rare stuff even if they don't initially have the tune in stock.

www.waxhifi.comUlli & Dieter from Wax HiFi are some of Germany's top funk promoters. Their legendary events at the Muffathalle in Munich are well attended and very funky. I recently played for them at their birthday party which was a total mash-up. Way cool!

www.steelbladerecordings.comSome of London's hottest up-and-coming urban music talent can be found working for Steel Blades recordings. If you like Ragga and Bashment then you should check out their tunes from artists such as Baby Wayne, Major Trouble, and the inimitable Tommy 2 Bob.