Crash and Burn are three deck cut'n'paste titans, with a perverse sense of humour. Splicing Prince or Australian rockers INXS to some strangely suitable beats is how they get their kicks. One day the whole of Britain will love them for it. Funky Beats legends like Jon Carter, Ninja Tunes and Moving Shadow are all regulars here but it's Crash & Burn's frantic noise that really sets the night apart. They start off sprinkling sonic confetti over ragga tinged drum'n'bass then, out of nowhere, the Sex Pistol's "Anarchy in the UK" skids across ferocious beats. From there, they spin into a multiple pile-up of flexing, funky hip hop, beats and phat, squelching basslines. The melodies and classic tunes are never far away though, and "I need a miracle" and "20 seconds to comply" soon come hurtling from the mix. Everyone takes a minute out to go "Wow!"
The irreverent and rather brilliant Crash & Burn skip boundaries marked 'cool' / 'uncool' and genres as if they didn't know they existed. With scant regard for convention they meld jungle, techno, beatz, hip hop and even the odd 80's pop hits. A recipe for cheap laughs? Think again, they never forsake the funk. The most exciting thing to hit Yorkshire since the Vikings.
A melange of mad beatz and madder Entertain-ment… hysterical clubbing …sweat yourself into a frenzy with the wildly eclectic grooves of Crash & Burn. At a time when all this Beatz thing is in danger of becoming daftly predictable, DJ Crash & Burn remains one step ahead by taking the notions of clubbing further than anyone else…
DJ Crash & Burn is on it for Leeds. A guar-anteed fun fest - see you there.
For the past 18 months, Crash & Burn has been impishly subverting club dancefloors. Part happy accident, part ruthless design, Crash & Burn is making noises…the crowd expect to get what they don't expect to get, which is just as well, because they usually get it.
Leading from the front. Not so much a DJ set as a piece of performance art in which you are invited to participate… pure class!
Never fear, Crash & Burn is here to swashbuckle your winter blues away. Yeeee Haarrr!
One of the most annoying things about going club-bing is the way most DJ's offer only one type of music. This is fine if just techno, 70's or jungle are your thing, but It's Obvious stands out for its variety.
A hybrid of countless influences…something that has never been done before.
Crash & Burn played thundering hiphop freestyle which was much more funky and fun than I ex-pected. Another blow against four-four fascism, I think.